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As the Corona crisis has undoubtedly changed the way we work in 2020, one of our colleagues from ELAMI, Ermin Klimenta, a DevOps Cloud Engineer, was asked to be a guest in a conference talking about the perspectives of young people in the EU concerning the Corona crisis.
Ermin has been working remotely for almost 2 years and already had experienced the work from home mode, he was willing to share his experiences and talk about the mental health effects on young people and the crisis that he believes is about to follow from the isolation from the pandemic.

“The mental state of young people has changed. When you work at home and when you have a deadline the stress, panic, nervousness occurs, and it is difficult when you are alone. “We have addressed that in our company and we work a lot on teamwork and supporting each other, to feel that we are not alone and isolated,”

As a couple of examples of how we keep each other in the state of teamwork mode is quite simple, we have daily calls where we organize our work for the day and also talk about normal everyday things, after that call we split up in smaller groups that work together and call each other frequently but also during the day the whole team is very active on Slack.

We organize a meeting every Friday that takes longer and is usually more relaxed and also a weekly conference video call that is a purely informal chat where we hangout and have drinks together so we can finish off the week in a team spirit!