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Tech Zen Ladies & Lords

At Elami we strongly believe in pursuing big dreams & smartly managing tasks to get things done. As a passionate tech company we continuously strive to create solutions at the limit of current capabilities. Our focus is to create intelligent Machine Learning solutions that can work closely together with smart humans.

If you can bring enlightenment to smart dataflows and human interaction and love to develop solutions based on those principles you might want to have a conversation with us. Our tools for teaching enlightenment to the dataflows are based on React, Redux, Django, Tensorflow, Keras, Spacy and whatever else we can get our hands on. In case of unruly data, we will not hold you back if you want to force it in submission. Anything goes to deliver to clients.

Insights into your deep desires to demonstrate your arts at Elami is highly appreciated

What we are looking for:

  • You keep your cool when having to apply technologies you never worked with
  • You can bring data in a state of Nirvana
  • You can get react code to behave without resorting to whips
  • You can enlighten us on the deeper parts of technology

What we offer:

  • In the light of transparency: we do emotion driven development so tempers might run high
  • We easily get upset if you do not ask questions
  • Once a year we drink our sorrows away at OktoberFest