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Data has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Both professionally and personally we are addicted to data. No surprise, data is currently feeding the big machine which turns the wheel of industry. Less dramatic than steam but much more powerful.

What happens when dark forces take over the data?

We are witnesses to an outrages number of cyber-criminal cases each month. Especially since the Pandemic started and everyone that was able to work from home, started doing so. A lot of applications that were used semi-occasionally became a must to use for daily work. For example, everyday meetings that would happen over a coffee now started happening on Zoom.

With all of this new demand, companies started competing for this increased demand. And of course, when people are in a rush, they cut corners to save time. This was evident when Zoom made claims that they were using end to end encryption. But this was found not to be the case.

In this rush a lot of the data got pushed and primed for hackers to get their hands on. And what will they do with it? They sell it of course.

The case will be made here that data is sold any way.

Advertisement companies are gathering information continuously. But there is a big difference in an Advertisement company dealing with your data or a malicious hacker. Your data ending-up on the dark web, is opening a world of possibilities for hackers. Like steeling your identity and opening a credit card debt in your name. You don’t want to think about it, they are endless, and I won’t continue giving them more ideas.

Using the internet constantly for everyday work makes everyone a potential target. Companies are especially targeted as they can become a pray for sophisticated ransomware attacks and social hacking attacks. And this can be happening every day.

Let me give an example of an infected hosting provider.

A client of us received bounced emails of company email addresses that didn’t exist. This could mean that someone else had access to their email and would be able to send emails to their clients (invoices or such). Looking for the root cause of the problem we found that their hosting company had been affected with malicious code and was sending emails using their email credentials. We notified the client, who gave us full access and rights to transfer their website and clean it on our servers. Here it remains to this day. So, always check if your hosting company monitors your site 24/7 by a dedicated staff of Security Experts.

When talking about these security issues it is easy to get confused and lost, it is understandable and the best way to navigate through these waters is to CONSULT with us. Get in touch today for a consultation with one of our many experienced IT Professionals with Security backgrounds. We will help you protect your and your customers data.

The most important thing is to not to wait till it is too late.