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Creative DevOps Perfectionists

“Reality is stranger than fiction, so better anticipate the impossible”
Continuously improving the operations of innovative and new solutions is one challenge. Making it reliable and anticipating future new uses is tantalizing close to impossible. It is as much a matter of skill, curiosity and creativity to stay ahead. At Elami, we run the operations of the solutions for our clients whether they are new A.I. driven solutions in Python on a clever extension on SAP. This drives our operations to also be A.I. driven and continuously innovating to provide better, faster, and more secure services based on our solutions.

Elami is looking for people not deterred by the new to extend our A.I. ops. As a company we look to maximize our diversity both in terms of culture, skills, and expertise as we believe that at the cross-sections innovations happen that are relevant. We are currently looking for people to strengthen our team to continuously innovate our ops operation

ps: As we did not have time to put art on our office wall, we are interested to learn about Art and your input on that front as well.

When you look in the mirror and recognize yourself in this, we very much like to meet and start a discussion regarding possibilities:

  • Operations are highly dynamic.
  • If today does not have something better than yesterday, you feel you failed.
  • Things should get done & get done better.
  • Art is about the beauty of the unexpected.
  • Europe is your playground
  • You do not grasp the concept of “Impossible”

Caveats: In the spirit of openness, be aware, Elami has its limits

  • We do not have cubicles only a world map
  • We don’t train you, just force you to learn new things every day.
  • We don’t offer predictability. (we are thrill-seekers with a passion for professionality, technology, and information)
  • We don’t have job descriptions. (every person is different, so how can all job descriptions be the same?)