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As the world is in a state of pandemic more and more people are forced to self quarantine and stay at home, of course the most used utility in a household will become the Internet, for entertainment but also for information about the pandemic spreading through the world and work. We all have a duty to watch out for one another.

There are always those that seek to use any opportunity to gain from the unsuspecting masses, it is not different now with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the biggest thing at the moment and everything written about it will get clicks, which is normal. But there are websites and apps that will harm your device if used.
A map of John’s Hopkins University has been used to spread a Java based malware scheme that has been sold on Russian forums for 200$ if the buyer already has a Java based signing certificate and 700$ if the buyer would like to use theirs.

Clones of this map have proven to be malicious with Cyber Security experts finding the famous trojan AZOrult embedded in their maps as the seller explains:

“It loads [a] fully working online map of Corona Virus infected areas and other data,” the seller explains. “Map is resizable, interactive, and has real time data from World Health Organization and other sources. Users will think that PreLoader is actually a map, so they will open it and will spread it to their friends and it goes viral!”

It is very important that people use only confirmed government sources and/or news websites that they know and trust, do not download or open any malicious websites.

This has also prevailed in the mobile development as the use of apps is at an all time high. Researchers from DomainTools have discovered a malicious website with the domain: coronavirusapp[.]site which claims to have an app for android that will show you Coronavirus outbreaks near you.

Malicious Website

This is false, what this App does is lock your phone, encrypting all data in the device. You will get a prompt saying that you need to pay 100$ to have all your data back and if you try anything they will delete the data and leak all Social Media profiles to the Internet.

Since Android Nougat has rolled out, there is protection in place against this type of attack. However, it only works if you have set a password. If you haven’t set a password on your phone to unlock the screen, you’re still vulnerable to the CovidLock ransomware.

Be careful what you download, where you get your sources from, there are government maps that show the spread of the virus, there is no App that can show you who in your neighborhood is sick, or if there are clusters. That is impossible. What is important is to not give into panic and fall for these scams.

If you have any questions we are here to help you understand and guide you to safe sources, please do not hesitate to reach out! And as always thanks for reading!