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We Build Applications That Make a Difference

About Elami

We are a young tech company based in Skopje. We develop IT solutions for clients and daughter organisations, like Kentivo. Our position in Skopje is an extension of a well rounded international team, which works together every day.  Diversity is one of our strongest features as a company and we are always looking for new team members to join our growing team.  

We are specialized in

Machine Learning

Machine learning can provide many benefits to organizations and it is definitely not only applicable to large corporations. 


We offer high quality front-end solutions using the newest cutting edge technology available on the market, we always strive for perfection.

Expertise center

We have seasoned professionals in our ranks ready to be your experts on the topics of A.I, Front-end, SAP, and many more topics.


Combining software development and information-technology operations which aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

We work for a variety of clients

Elami works for a variety of clients in Europe. From little niche company to multinationals. As Elami is a sister company of Kentivo and MDinfo we have a special working relationship and often act as one team. All these companies are part of the Netherlands-based Marsaci Cooperative.

Kentivo is a young and innovative European company focused on providing cutting edge solutions in the domain of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and SAP

Niche business news creator and distributor. The information is used to prepare sales or consultancy sessions, to discover new market opportunities or to follow developments in various fields.

The mission of the Marsaci Cooperative U.A. is to create, grow and support innovative companies through participation, strategic/tactical support and active involvement by the board and members of the cooperative.